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Drama Club presents Aladdin Kids!

Please help the Fairland Drama Club in their production of Aladdin Kids on Tuesday, June 6th and Wednesday, June 7th!  They need help selling tickets at the door, and selling concessions before the shows, and during intermission.  Thank you for your support!

Click here if you can sign up to help!


PTA Meeting Minutes and New Officers!

The minutes from the May PTA meeting are available here.  There are no more general PTA meetings for this year, although the PTA is continuing to work to support Fairland through the end of the school year!

We are pleased to announce that the PTA President for the 2017-18 school year is Sykeena Mitchell, and the Vice President is Vincent Wilburn.  We look forward to their leadership next year. And we thank the outgoing board for their dedication this school year.

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Welcome to new Fairland families!

As new kindergarteners are registering to join Fairland next year, we would like to welcome our newest Fairland Falcons and their families!  Please look around our website to find out more about the PTA.

We will have our last PTA meeting of the year on Tuesday, May 2, at 7 PM in the media center at Fairland.  All are welcome to come learn about and help the PTA as we support Fairland.  We will be electing new officers for next year.

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The Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) has released a letter and a FAQ about their recent financial audit showing “significant financial irregularities” and the “apparent theft of a substantial sum” from the MCCPTA.  This does not affect the Fairland PTA’s finances.  If you would like more information, you can find the letter here and the FAQ here, or check the MCCPTA website for future information.

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Volunteer with the PTA!

Thanks to all who attended our April Pizza with the PTA meeting!  It was great to see such enthusiasm.

We’ve updated our volunteer page with descriptions of the volunteer positions that need to be filled for next year.  If you have interest in any of these or would like more information, please e-mail us at [email protected]


Winter Dance!

The PTA is sponsoring a Winter Dance at Fairland on Friday, February 24, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the APR.  Please join us for food, fun, music, and more!  Details will be coming home with your child.  Volunteers are needed — please sign up here if you can help!


February 2017 PTA Minutes

The minutes from the February 7  PTA general meeting can be downloaded here and are copied below:


Fairland Elementary School PTA

General Membership Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7:00 PM, Media Center

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Kerry Luse.  In attendance were: Vice President Sykeena Mitchell, Secretary Jamie Cook, Principal Lakeisha Lashley, Assistant Principal Stephanie Spencer, Vidhya Shyamsundri, Gopal Vembar, Deneen Gordon, Jeanette Proudfoot and Shona Weaver.

PTA Report:

  • VP Sykeena Mitchell reported that the school nurse requested that the PTA assist with a clothing drive for children’s clothing size 6-10 to be donated to the health center for use when students need a change of clothes.  The PTA will send out communications requesting donations.
  • The PTA recently purchased and donated 10 pairs of headphones to the school, as requested by the Media Center.
  • The PTA is planning a school dance for Feb. 24.  We will send out a request for volunteers to assist.
  • We will plan a spirit night at Pump it Up, perhaps in March (dates to be coordinated with other school fundraising events)

Principal’s Report

Principal Lakeisha Lashley gave the following updates and news:

  • The CandyGrams fundraiser is ongoing to raise money for the student fund, which assists with school items such as staff laptop repair, prepaying buses for field trips, paying lunch bills, etc.  CandyGrams can be purchased for $1 each for delivery to students or staff.
  • Classes will be holding Valentine’s Day parties at various times on Feb. 14.
  • The Student Government Association (SGA) is running the Pennies for Patients fundraiser through February 17. The week of Feb. 13-17 will be a spirit week with themed days.  Watch for information coming home with students.
  • Blake High School will perform a children’s play for grades K-2 on Feb. 24.
  • Girls on the Run is starting its spring season in March, culminating with a county-wide event in May. Registration for girls in grades 3-5 begins Feb. 15.  Information is being sent home with students.
  • Ms. Gray (reading specialist) will be planning a “Celebrate Reading Week” for February 28-March 4.  More details will be coming soon.
  • A Fairland neighbor has approached the school with concerns about student safety during dropoff and pickup, particularly regarding students who have to cross Fairdale Rd. to enter cars parked opposite the school.  Fairland is monitoring the situation with extra staffing and handing out notes reminding parents about safety at dropoff and pickup. The neighbor will also remind the neighborhood association to please drive carefully during those times.
  • Fairland is strictly enforcing a no-nuts policy regarding food brought to classrooms for birthdays or other events.  Information was sent home with students earlier this month. Please follow these guidelines for any treats you send in to avoid disappointment.


Community Comments:

The main part of the meeting was devoted to discussion of how to increase parent participation in the PTA.  It was noted that Fairland parents are very involved in events that they are able to attend with children (i.e., math nights, Donuts with Dads, 2nd grade poetry tea, etc.), but that attendance at PTA meetings is very low.  The following suggestions were made:

  • Provide food at PTA meetings. This is difficult to do in the Media Center, but we will aim to  plan the April PTA meeting to include pizza and take place in the APR
  • Send home a parent survey about PTA participation, asking for feedback
  • Provide incentives (e.g., SOAR slips) to students if their parents attend PTA meetings
  • Highlight in PTA announcements that PTA meetings give a chance to talk to Principal Lashley.
  • Print “PTA Meeting Tonight” stickers and put on students on PTA days to remind parents
  • Print a ½ page flyer for involved PTA members to distribute at various bus stops to other parents


The April PTA meeting is important in building enthusiasm for next year and identifying candidates for leadership positions, as elections will be held at the May meeting.  It was suggested that the PTA do the following at the April meeting:

  • Give a compelling description of the PTA, its importance, and the type of work it does both in directly supporting events at Fairland and as being advocates within our larger community (school cluster, county PTA council, etc.)
  • Print up “fast facts” on the different positions, with a description of duties and time estimates
  • Be able to project the PTA website so that parents can see how to access PTA information
  • Provide incentives to students whose parents attend, perhaps by having a contest to see which grade level has the most parents (with a popsicle party as a reward).


Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM.


Readathon and Winter Classes

The annual Readathon runs from Saturday, January 15, through January 31. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and all profits are used to support school field trips by lowering costs for students. There will be prizes for top readers and top fundraisers, as well as for participation.   Please support your child and Fairland and help us reach our goal of $3500!  Information packets were sent home with your student, but you can also download them here.


We are pleased to announce Winter after-school enrichment classes:

Lego Engineering: Intro to STEM with LEGO will be offered for K-2 grade on Fridays from February 10-March 31, from 3:55 to 5:25 PM.  The cost is $136 for the 8-session class. Questions?  Please contact Lorraine Elberfeld
301.346.4755 , [email protected] or REGISTER ONLINE AT:

Learn Now Music will offer six-week classes in Piano, Guitar, or Violin for all grades on Mondays from 3:55 to 4:55 PM, starting February 27.  The cost is $132 and includes instrument rental. More information is available here.

Overtime Athletics offers the following classes, which run for 7 weeks and cost $70. More information is available here:
Tuesday | Sports Spectacular | Grades K-2 | Starts Feb 14th
Wednesdays | Sports Spectacular | Grades 3-5 | Starts Feb 15th
Thursdays | Cheerleading & Jump Rope | Grades K-5 | Starts Feb 17th
Register here:

Sky’s the Limit Dance will have a program on Wednesdays from April 5th-May 31st, from 3:50 to 5:30 PM.

If you need extra childcare to cover the time after class until you can pick up your child, the Kids After Hours (KAH) program at Fairland can help!  Talk to KAH director Chris ([email protected]) to make arrangements


December PTA minutes

The minutes of the December 6 general PTA meeting can be downloaded here and are copied below.


Fairland Elementary School PTA

General Membership Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

7:00 PM, Media Center

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Secretary Jamie Cook.  In attendance were: Jamie Cook, Principal Lakeisha Lashley, Assistant Principal Stephanie Spencer, Vidhya Vembar, and Jeanette Proudfoot.

PTA update

Jamie Cook provided a brief update on PTA events.

  • The Genevieve’s fundraiser was a success, as was the Fall Book Fair.
  • The PTA provided a Thanksgiving luncheon to staff, and the staff showed their appreciation by creating and signing a nice thank-you poster.
  • Clauda Silberglitt is working on the yearbook.  This year, it will feature 5th graders’ art on the cover.  She will be selling spots in the yearbook as a fundraiser to subsidize the cost for 5th graders.  She will also be arranging a signing party in the spring after yearbook delivery.
  • Boxtop store is going well.  Donations of small prizes are welcome.
  • The next PTA meeting, scheduled for February 7, will focus on community discussion of topics of interest.


Principal’s Report

Principal Lakeisha Lashley reported that this is a relatively quiet period at school, in the middle of a marking period.

  • Inview testing is going on now for all 2nd graders and for other identified children.
  • The new superintendent’s budget for the 2017-18 school year will be released on Tuesday at the Board of Education meeting.
  • Movie night sponsored by the drama club has been moved to December 16


Community Comments:

The idea of a school garden, which was first raised at the October PTA meeting, was revisited.  Principal Lashley suggested contacing Oakland Terrace, which has a garden that is also used by classroom teachers.  Jeanette Proudfoot agreed to continue investigating the possibility of a garden.


Guest speaker

The PTA welcomed Phil Andrews, Director of Crime Prevention Initiatives, Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, who presented information about cybersafety and keeping kids safe on the Internet.  Highlights of his presentation are on the following page.  Regarding Fairland, Principal Lashley said that incidents of cyberbullying or Internet safety are uncommon. She also said that MCPS elementary school principals are opposing a potential change in policy that would allow elementary students to have cell phones, citing the potential privacy and bullying problems with cameras and videos that this might cause as one reason.


The General Membership Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Highlights from Cybersafety Presentation:


  • Important lessons to teach your child about the internet:
    • Assume anything you post is public and can last forever
    • Don’t post any photos online that you wouldn’t want to see on the school bulletin board
    • A bad digital reputation can follow you forever (think about future colleges and employers)
    • Think twice before you post once
    • Before you post, you have the power to control your information; after you post, the power is in somebody else’s hands
    • Don’t post or e-mail when angry or upset
  • Cyberbullying is illegal and taken seriously in Maryland
    • Grace’s Law, passed in 2013, addresses indirect bullying online (tweeting about someone, rumormongering) as well as direct bullying (e-mailed threats)
    • Cyberbullying is underreported and can have a worse impact on children than face-to-face bullying
    • Teach your child: if they receive something that could be bullying somebody (rumors, negative comments), they should not forward it or they will be part of the problem
    • If your child is cyberbullied, they should tell somebody and the school should be informed
  • Your child should have trusted adults that they can talk to
    • Parents, teachers, school counselors are available
    • Teach children about real friends vs. online friends, and not to automatically trust people they meet online
  • Don’t allow your child to access the Internet unsupervised
    • Put the computer in a public part of your home
    • Make a contract with the child about their use of the Internet, outlining expectations and requirements, with monthly followups
    • Consider Internet safety similar to car safety and party/alcohol safety – if you wouldn’t give your child unrestricted access to those things, you shouldn’t give them unrestricted Internet access
  • Online risks to be aware of:
    • Revealing too much information (e.g., your child should not be sharing name, age, birthday, address, phone number, schedule, school)
    • Online predators
    • Sexting
    • Cyberbullying
    • Inappropriate material (e.g., pornography)
    • Spam
  • is a source of further information and videos you can show your child to help them understand Internet risks

Winter Classes!

The PTA is working to help bring more afterschool classes to Fairland this winter and spring! Keep an eye out for future flyers in your kids’ backpacks with more information about the following:

Lego Engineering: Intro to STEM with LEGO will be offered for K-2 grade on Fridays from February 10-March 31, from 3:55 to 5:25 PM.  The cost is $136 for the 8-session class.

Learn Now Music will offer six-week classes in Piano, Guitar, or Violin for all grades on Mondays from 3:55 to 4:55 PM, starting February 27.  The cost is $132 and includes instrument rental. More information is available here.

Sky’s the Limit Dance will have a program on Wednesdays from April 5th-May 31st, from 3:50 to 5:30 PM.

If you need extra childcare to cover the time after class until you can pick up your child, the Kids After Hours (KAH) program at Fairland can help!  Talk to KAH director Chris ([email protected]) to make arrangements.


Community Day!

Come on out for the free NEC Community Day – It Takes a Village, Celebrating a Cultural Collaboration of Community and Commitment.  There will be live music, performances, food, and cultural fashion show.  Tomorrow, Saturday, October 29, from 12 -4 at Paint Branch HS.  Click here for more information.


Fall Dance!

The Fall Dance is next Friday, October 28 from 6:30-8:30 at Fairland! Bring your students for a fun evening! This is a PTA-sponsored event, which means we need volunteers to help it run smoothly. If you can help, please sign up here. Thanks!


Minutes of October 4 meeting

The draft minutes of the October 4 general membership meeting can be downloaded here, and are copied below:

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Kerry Luse.  No previous minutes were approved since this was our first General Membership Meeting of the Year.


Ms. Luse introduced the executive committee.

New business

Secretary Jamie Cook provided a general overview of the by-laws, which are due for resubmission to the Maryland PTA. She presented the executive committee’s proposed revisions to the by-laws and invited questions from the general membership.  Proposed revisions had also been previously posted on the PTA website.  Laura Hutchcroft made a motion to approve the by-laws, and Claudia Silberglitt seconded.  Approval was made by unanimous vote.

Treasurer Laura Hutchcroft and Ms. Luse presented a proposed expenditure of ~$700 (exact amount to be determined based on obtaining final quotation) to purchase computer mice and headphones for the new mobile computer lab for grades K-2, based on request from 1st grade teacher Teresa Austin.  Discussion was made of soliciting donations from local businesses for additional mice/headphones.  Vidhya Vembar  made a motion to vote on approval of this expenditure, pending final quotation; seconded by Claudia Silberglitt.  Approval was made by unanimous vote.  Ms. Hutchcroft will proceed with obtaining the final quotation for suitable equipment.

Other Business/Announcements

Ms. Luse described the upcoming Fall Book Fair, set for October 17-21 in the media center.  Ms. Linda Williams is organizing the book fair and is requesting volunteers to aid in staffing.  A plan was made for flyer distribution and publicity.

Ms. Luse announced afterschool programs (dance, soccer, music, art) currently being offered at Fairland, all of which are facing problems of low enrollment.  Discussion occurred about difficulties that students and families face with short afterschool programs, including the problem of “gap coverage” for student care between the end of a program and the time when a parent is available to pick up the student from school.  It was agreed that Ms. Luse or Danielle Hollenbach, afterschool program coordinator, would discuss potential gap coverage with Kids After Hours.  A suggestion was also made that the PTA look into organizing a scholarship program to allow sponsorship of afterschool program fees for students in need.

Ms. Silberglitt announced that the Box Top store would begin operation on Wednesday, October 19.

Principal’s Report

Principal Lakeisha Lashley announced that the positive behavior system was showing effective results, with students having earned a dance party and hat day.  The Mobile Science Lab is visiting Fairland for a week, and all classes will have a chance to visit and participate.  The annual Open House will be held Monday, October 10, from 9:30  until 11:15 AM.  Finally, on October 24 there will be an opportunity for a Principal Coffee/Tea in the morning and evening with a specific emphasis on understanding the new county volunteering policy.

Community Comments:

Jeanette Proudfoot distributed information about the new programs available at the Maydale Nature Center.  She also asked about involvement in farm-to-school initiatives aimed at providing fresh food to schools.  Ms. Cook provided information about Real Food for Kids Montgomery, and Ms. Proudfoot agreed to report back on potential ways to approach this issue.

A suggestion was made for a Fairland parents Facebook page to allow for parent interaction.  The PTA would not organize this, but could assist in publicizing if one is set up.

Guest speaker

The PTA welcomed Khadija Barkley, Executive Director of the George B. Thomas, Sr., Learning Center, who provided the attendees with information about the Saturday School Program.  Tia Scott, head of the Paint Branch location of the Saturday School, also attended and spoke about the program.

The General Membership Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM.


Fall Program update and Book Fair volunteers needed

Several Fall afterschool programs are still open for registration at Fairland.


Also, the Scholastic Book Fair is headed to Fairland.  This is coordinated by the PTA and run entirely by volunteers, and we need help!  Please consider volunteering for a few hours to help give our kids a chance to find and buy books.  Sign up to help here!


Proposed bylaws

We will be voting on our bylaws at the October 4 PTA meeting.  This is a requirement every three years.  Bylaws are primarily provided by the state PTA organization, and Fairland makes only a few modifications.  Our proposed bylaws are available here: proposed-bylaws-2016.


Fall fundraiser!

Our Genevieve’s fundraiser has started! Look for envelopes that went home with students this week. Out of town friends and family can help support the school online and students can earn credit for each item sold. Visit and enter our school number #1842 and shop for a variety of items including gift wrap, home gifts, kitchen items, gourmet chocolates and more!


New Fall Programs (updated!)

We are pleased to announce five Fall afterschool programs at Fairland.


Back to School Picnic!

Please join us for a Back to School Picnic this Saturday at Fairland, from 1 PM to 4 PM! Enjoy entertainment and a chance to have fun with the Fairland community! Cost is $2/child, which includes unlimited inflatable bounce play. We hope to see you there!